Gift of Love

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Dreams are coming trueFor those of us who believeJust live with patience It’s the gift of timeThat will allow us to waitFor God’s best timing Meantime we bestowThe gift of love on othersLiving in “The Dash” Living in the Dash This morning I read a post by Sehr Jalil, Sehr Jalil…

‘The flying carpet fell on the third world road’ On the show UNMAKING HISTORY curated by Leila Rahman, Saher Sohail and Natasha Malik.

The title of the show (art exhibition) is Unmaking History and it’s the first show that I’ve chosen to write on in this very independent platform as the work and the curation ‘poetically, historically and aesthetically’ – penetrated and perforated my mind.  Leila Rahman, Saher Sohail and Natasha Malik borrowed the research and publication center […]

European Nomadic manifesta biennale 2018

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ABOUT THE PROJECT The following work is my flag-artwork  displayed in the diasporic and participatory flag installation by Artist Filippo Minelli, at the European Nomadic Manifesta Biennale, Palermo, Italy, 2018.  July 2018 – Nov 2018. One artist was nominated and invited from each country, I being from Pakistan.  A marriage…


I’m not new to blogging, I made my first blog in 2013 and have been consistent ( only occasionally cut off) since 2013 – though I was never comfortable in sharing my blog with friends and family except for the ones at home. I have been writing consistently for publications, national and a few international […]

The dogma of creative controversy

Vandalism in the name of art – a news headline in Pakistan – an artist’s work banned in the current Karachi biennale – art intelligentsia and drawing room conversation. – Solidarity and unity in the Pakistani art community. This initial paragraph comes as a pre-text but is actually a post-text of an essay I wrote […]