Ego, corona and love, in SouthAsia.

BETWEEN HOME AND NATION What is an ego? The word has been used irresponsibly through time. Iqbal, Nietzsche, Freud all indulged in putting it on the pedestal, their ‘ego’ was a human kind who had mastered the self, to the point of submission and renewal ‘ khudi ko kar buland itna keh har taqdeer seh […]

English translation of the Urdu poem Hum Dekhenge by Faiz Ahmed Faiz in response to the ongoing politicised dilemma of its meaning. An extremely humble try

Faiz Ahmed Faiz is a legend and most of his works are masterpieces. The living history of his literature is dialectic, subversive and revolutionary. Faiz’s poem ‘Humdekheinge’ has seen the legendary Iqbal Bano clad in a black sari, singing and reclaiming each word to an audience of many thousands under the dictatorship of Zia ul […]

Gift of Love

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Dreams are coming trueFor those of us who believeJust live with patience It’s the gift of timeThat will allow us to waitFor God’s best timing Meantime we bestowThe gift of love on othersLiving in “The Dash” Living in the Dash This morning I read a post by Sehr Jalil, Sehr Jalil…