European Nomadic manifesta biennale 2018

Sehr Jalil


The following work is my flag-artwork  displayed in the diasporic and participatory flag installation by Artist Filippo Minelli, at the European Nomadic Manifesta Biennale, Palermo, Italy, 2018.  July 2018 – Nov 2018.

One artist was nominated and invited from each country, I being from Pakistan.  A marriage between two places around the world had to come together through art, a word and a site.

  • Art in the form of  Flag – with a word
  • a site centred performance-video piece holding the flag

was developed and contributed by each artist – to each their own narrative. The project platform was genius in terms of the complex geographical, sociological, cultural and political dichotomy one ‘flag’ could deliver.

My contribution as an artist from lahore, Pakistan has been shared here:

(the performance video has not been shared here)

 photo courtesy installation images: filippo minelli 

Idea background

Around last year a…

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