The Alchemy and Art of TEA. In conversation with Jeff Fuchs, award winning TEA Explorer

“I feel we need to educate and promote the philosophy of tea which in my eyes at least is about making time, an offering, it’s about humility, when you prepare a cup of tea for someone, a guest, friend, family member, at least in my perspective its is something sacred and particularly with everything that’s going on in the world right now I think it’s an opportunity to figure out what it is that is really important to each of us”

Ego, corona and love, in SouthAsia.

BETWEEN HOME AND NATION What is an ego? The word has been used irresponsibly through time. Iqbal, Nietzsche, Freud all indulged in putting it on the pedestal, their ‘ego’ was a human kind who had mastered the self, to the point of submission and renewal ‘ khudi ko kar buland itna keh har taqdeer seh […]