Which bird is the real one?


Do you see the blue bird in the orange tree?
Just after a zoom class with students _ sitting outside in my veranda
The beautiful little guest flew away quite swiftly – you’ll only get to see her in the first few seconds here…

I put in these pictures here after the class today and went back to another zoom meeting (day light and weather had changed so took that one indoors). It was three hours long. I’m back again and now having a post-timed evening lunch with tea while I put this up. The ‘birds painted in the background’ is an ongoing thing that I’m doing in my garden these days. It’s at quite a crude stage at the moment. The blue bird in front of the painted pink bird on the wall and the consistency of the ‘virtual versus the real’ or which one is the real made me think about painters Rene Magritte and Joseph Kosuth – between ‘ real and represented’ and ‘now and then’, ‘you and me’ … there’s too much to say in this and I’ll just leave you with this today..which bird is the real one?

This is not a pipe –
One and three chairs
image source : MOMA

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