#mindmarks   #1 Wrapped up in loss – Saule Suleimenova Lahore Biennale 2020

The Lahore Biennale 2020 went on in February 2020. I’ll be sharing/posting marks it left in my mind, through out March and later – Art and images which persevered.


#mindmarks #1 #LBF2020

Suleimenova’s Work has a ‘Third of May’ Goya streak. It presents a Goya-ish effect in a Popular or Dadaist way. Material is meaning, here. Plastic bags offer a luminosity of sorts and radiate a transparency. They are skin cells – they are Anselm Keifer’s memory rampage and they are reptiles of everyday-ness. Collage is paint, the figures walk and act in bodies that wear war, loss and courage with words and ideas that are wasted and thrown away, all the time…

Display : Punjab University old Campus

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